Emergency Call List and Services

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On-Call Services 

The safety of our guests is our main priority. Please familiarize yourself with exits and fire extinguishers in your property. Each property is equipped with a smoke detector. If you encounter an emergency regarding a fire, police, poison or need an ambulance call 9-1-1. 

After Hour Maintenance Emergencies – Please call us immediately 941-301-8629 EX:107 

Common After Hour Emergencies 

  • A/C not cooling– Check if the temperature setting is not lower than 72 degrees. AC systems in Florida are only designed to cool a room to 20 degrees below the ambient outside temperature. Check that all windows and doors are closed. If A/C has frozen up, the A/C will need to be turned off for the next 24 hours and a service appointment will be necessary. 
  • Toilets – If a toilet is running, leaking, overflowing or completely clogged, turn off the water by the valve behind the toilet and call us during business hours. If there is only one toilet on the property, we will schedule an emergency plumbing service.  
  • Water Heater – Hot water can run out by continued use. If it is a breaker or switch issue, please allow the heater to take up to 1 hour to generate more hot water. A leaking water heater will need to be addressed immediately. 
  • Electric – A tripped GFI in bathrooms and/or kitchen can cause other outlets and appliances to malfunction. Reset the GFI by pressing the reset button on the outlet. Tripped breakers can cause total power outages. In case of total power outage, the local FPL company can be reached at 941-917-0708. 
  • Smoke Detectors – Beeping smoke detectors usually indicate that batteries are needed. If possible, replace the battery or take batteries out. Please contact us during business hours the next day for replacement.  
  • Lock Out – If your property requires a key entry and you have misplaced the key or require our assistance, call our after hour emergency line. 

After Hour Non-Urgent Maintenance Issues – Please call next business day to have these issues addressed. Office hours are 9am – 5pm , Office Number 941-301-8629 

  • Pool Heat – If the pool is requested prior to your stay and the pool is not heating correctly, it may be a timer or other pool controls. Pool heat is turned on the day you arrive and may take up to 24 hours to completely heat.  
  • Internet/TV – Basic troubleshooting can be done by resetting the modem/cable box, checking the input source and replacing the batteries. You may also call the assigned cable company customer service lines. Give us a call the next business day and we will be happy to help. 
  • Appliances – Garbage disposals, washer/dryer, ice maker, dishwasher, range/stove etc. can malfunction. Please turn the appliance off until the problem can be assessed by a repair service. If the refrigerator or freezer stops working, keep doors closed as much as possible to keep temperatures down and give us a call.  
  • Grill Propane Tanks – If a refill is needed after hours, please help yourself at these island locations: Publix, Ace Hardware, marina General Store. Keep the receipt for reimbursement.