The year-round sun and warmth of Florida makes it the ideal destination any time of year you need a break. Many vacationers are looking for the comforts of home that a private vacation rental property offers. Make sure your Bradenton or Anna Maria property stands out from the others. Whether you’re a first-time vacation rental owner who may not know where to start, or a seasoned pro who just wants someone else to take care of the details, the staff at Anchor Down Vacation Rentals can help.

The Outside

Curb appeal is one of the top reasons renters consider your home. A paint job to refresh things, outdoor spaces like decks and patios in good repair, and even native vegetation surrounding the home are all things potential guests look for. We advise you on making the outside of your home look like a place someone can see themselves staying in for a while.

The Inside

We can help you spruce up the inside of your home too. We have a variety of professional tradespeople who can clean carpets and floors, fix, or replace broken items, and make your home ready for guests. If you’re looking to purchase new items like furnishings and décor, we can guide you to creating the environment you want.

Professional Photos

The camera on your smartphone can produce top-notch photos that previously only professionals with top-of-the-line equipment could produce. While it may be easy to quickly walk your home and snap a pic of every space, we can put you in touch with a professional who knows exactly how to photograph every space, including lighting to make sure it looks its best. The first thing potential renters see when they come to the website is a photo of your property – professional photos will make it shine!

Welcoming Atmosphere

You want your guests to feel welcome and at home the moment they step inside. We make sure your home is clean, in good repair, and ready to host the next guest. One of the first things they may do is get the lay of the land and look for where everything is. They’ll be happy to know that each bathroom has toilet paper and hand soap, that the laundry room and dishwasher has a small pack of detergent, and other necessities. They won’t have to stop at the market on their way in, or immediately go back out to stock up. Instead, they can kick back and relax and worry about the grocery shopping later.


Your guests want to know they’ll be taken care of while they’re here. Should something happen during their stay, they can reach out to us any time and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Our online booking tool means they can reserve your home at 1 a.m. or 1 p.m. – whenever its convenient to them.


Vacationers often start with a search like “vacation rentals in Bradenton” in the most popular search engines or vacation booking sites. A variety of websites and specific properties will pop up in the search. We list your property not just on our company website, but on all the major vacation planning websites. The more people see your property, the more likely they are to click Book Now.


We make sure your potential guests know everything about your property before you book. We list the location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of guests allowed, and even the pet-friendly status of your property – all in the preview. When potential guests click on your listing, they’ll find a detailed description, as well as a list of amenities that will continue to attract them to the property. People will be able to confirm there is in-unit laundry available, what is provided, parking accommodations, and everything else they’ll need to know to prepare as much as possible.

Vacation Advice

Hotels and resorts often have shelves full of books, maps, and guides of the area. Brochures on specific activities and attractions help guests plan their day or their whole trip. Curating this information yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. Our website features an area guide, travel information, and blog that highlights some of the best things to do and see during a Bradenton or Anna Maria vacation.

Let Us Care for Your Bradenton or Anna Maria Property

At Anchor Down Vacation Rentals we offer our owners state-of-the-art vacation rental home management in Bradenton, Anna Maria, and the surrounding area, then combine it with extensive property management expertise. Our property management program offers everything you need to enjoy the fruits of your rental property’s “labor” without the headache. We have several tricks up our sleeve to make sure your property stands out among the crowd and the bookings continue to roll in all year long.

Contact us to discuss your property today!