Covid-19 & Your Florida Vacation

We understand that corona has caused many concerns when booking your next Family Vacation. It seems like things are ever-changing and everyone is doing the best they can to stay safe during these times! We are making sure to do our part here! We understand that a single-family home rental offers something a hotel can never offer during these times. A private place to call your home to properly social distance while still enjoying everything Florida has to offer! But how have we bettered our homes and made sure they are safely sanitized to keep your next vacation stress free?

Here are some answers for FAQ regarding vacation rentals and the COVID-19 Pandemic; for your peace of mind and security of a virus-free home! As we all know COVID-19 has affected everyone whether personal health or financial stability most have been impacted in some way.

Cleanliness is always a top priority for hosts and tenants. But it’s even more critical as we all strive to decrease the spread of infection. According to the CDC, it’s possible for someone to contract COVID-19 by touching a contaminated surface such as doorknobs or light switches.

We often are asked things like…

How often are homes sanitized & what are cleaning procedures?

The virus may live on some surfaces for several hours or even days. That’s why it is most important to clean and sanitize all frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, kitchen handles/faucets as well as items like remote controllers for electronics, between every reservation. Every home that we manage has been thoroughly cleaned and examined from top to bottom. Germ-free from ceiling to the floor giving you a worry-free booking and a safe stay knowing you are experiencing a virus-free. We take pride in every inch of our homes and make sure they are properly sanitized and germ-free for each guest!


Are restaurants, and bars still open?

The answer to your question is YES! Most restaurants & bars are open. It is mandatory to wear masks inside public businesses in Holmes Beach. They are not allowed to serve alcohol at the time being UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE which was taken into effect as of June 26th. Opacity is 50% for most but it does seem to be letting more customers in as the days go by.

Are Beaches Open?

Beaches are open to the public as before they just kindly ask that you maintain social distancing guidelines regulated by the CDC. But as before the beautiful waters are open and ready to enjoy!

Promising a safe & clean vacation!

COVID-19 is quite an intangible pandemic that has caused a concern in health and sanitization. As of Mid April, they put a stop to all vacationers and practically shut down any personal/physical contact unless it is an essential task. Not sure if people understand the impact that has on the community. Moving forward to the end of June the whole game has changed! Almost everything is back to normal as far as everything being opened. We do understand that but we are just striving to stay on top of cleaning procedures more than ever and very importantly ensuring an unforgettable experience! Booking is available through the site! As easy as before with the same policy.