Planning Your Anna Maria Island & Bradenton Beach Vacation

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Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. Not only does Anchor Down Vacation Rentals take care of all of the hard work for you, but we make it easy for you to find out some answers to FAQs regarding your trip. Our job is to make your trip easy, stress-free, and fun – it is no wonder our guests come back year after year for another unforgettable experience! Let’s check out some helpful tips on how to plan your Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach vacation this summer.

You Can Walk Around Both Towns

One of the main perks of visiting AMI or Bradenton is the walkability factor. You can rent a car to go farther afield, but AMI makes it easy for you to walk to the beach, visit the nearby shops, check out the local shopping scene, and find a dinner restaurant for your evening. Since the island is just 7 miles long, we recommend walking or biking for exploring.

Public Transportation Is Easy

If you do want to take a day trip a little bit farther away, the public transportation on Anna Maria Island is inexpensive and super-efficient. AMI offers public transportation between all of the major stops and even includes a car service for private airport pick-up.

Consider a Bike Rental

We think the best way to get around is by bike. This affordable, eco-friendly, and exercise-filled way to see the island will not only cool you off on a hot day but helps you burn some vacation calories and see more of the island than you would on foot! AMI offers rental bikes that are super affordable at just $10 per day.

Golf Carts Are Popular

When planning your vacation, consider renting a golf cart so you can zip around the island if your legs are too sore for a rental bike! A golf cart is the best way to get around and store larger beach items for a day trip out on the white sand. Use Anna Maria Island Adventure Rentals to rent a cart for just $125 per day.

Use Us for Your Accommodation

Last but not least, use Anchor Down Vacation Rentals for your accommodation needs and requirements. We work WITH you to find out your preferences and size requirements so all of your guests have ample space to spread out and relax during your stay. Talk about a fun vacation!