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Challenge your friends to a game of mini golf in Smugglers Cove to have everyone laughing, enjoying their vacation, and walking through an adventurous golf course in the heart of the Sunshine State! We think that Smugglers Cove is a fantastic place to bring people of all ages, especially children, who need a little more excitement during vacation.

Smugglers Cove is an exciting and fun mini golf course with alligators that is open every single day of the year. This vibrant and picturesque 18-hole mini golf course brings you through different obstacles and terrain, featuring pirate ships, towering palm trees, scary alligators, and cascading waterfalls.

Pricing at Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf

The best part about Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf? It doesn’t cost a fortune! Head to Smugglers Cove in Bradenton on Cortez Road West to have a fun day out with your family. For just $17.99 per adult, and $15.99 per child, you can have a blast wandering your way through the interactive course.

Educational American Alligator Exhibit

After challenging one another to a friendly game of putt-putt, you can head to the educational center to learn more about Florida’s most famous animal — the alligator. This expansive exhibit houses between 20-30 American alligators for you to view and watch professionals feed from behind a safe, glass wall.


Let’s check out a few commonly asked questions and answers for you to know before visiting this famous attraction.

First, knowing the hours are key to having a seamless afternoon out with your friends or family. Head to Smugglers Cove any day of the week between 9 am to 11 pm. Not only does this provide you with flexibility, but you can head here later in the day to avoid younger children, or hard here before dark with your younger toddlers.

Second, there is a maximum group size of four players. Make sure you all take turns when doing shots on each hole, so you move through the course quickly and easily. Each player has a stroke limit of six hits, so try to get the ball in the hole before your limit is up!

Lastly, Smugglers Cove sells drinks and snacks so you can stay nourished during your entire stay. We know that Florida can be very hot, so we sell water to stay hydrated, soda to get a little sugar rush, and other cold drinks to help cool you off during the summer. Plus, you can enjoy an ice cream cone or other type of frozen dessert after completing the course.