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Vacation isn’t a time just for drinking, partying all night long, and lying on the beach. No, if you’re going on vacation with your children, or a big group, you need to find things that everyone wants to do. For those who want to explore the nearby culture, see how people used to live in the area, and chat with locals, we have a must-visit place for you.

Make sure to include the Manatee Village Historical Park in your itinerary for when you visit the beautiful state of Florida this upcoming fall and winter holiday. Even though your number one priority could be getting a tan and surfing on the beach, this educational and informational historical park is great for kids to learn a bit more about the area.

Plan Your Visit to Manatee Village Historical Park

Being prepared before you go to this historical park is key. Admission here is free, so you can enjoy this free and fun activity that won’t break the bank like most other fun things to do in the super-touristy Sunshine State. Drive, walk, or cycle to the Historical Park at 14th Street East or take a professional tour from Wiggins Store.

We recommend taking a professional tour with an experienced guide so you can hear interesting stories, learn more in-depth information about the park, and find out cool facts you wouldn’t know otherwise. Head to this park any day between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday, to see the park in all its glory.


Some of the most popular exhibitions that you need to visit during your time in the park include the permanent exhibitions, like the story of the history of Manatee County, King Wiggins Office, One Century Plus of Ranching in Manatee, Wiggins Store, and Stephens House. You can also see what rotating exhibitions are available during your vacation dates.


The incredible buildings are real buildings, or replicas, of what you would expect to see in the early 20th century. Make sure you bring your kids to the Old Cabbage 1913 steam engine to see this expansive caboose, train, and towering smokestack.

Take a walk through Fogarty Boat Works to see how this boat shop and all of its equipment were crucial in building ships that transformed the local economy. And you can’t forget a quick stop to the Wiggins General Store, Blacksmith’s Shop, Pottery Barn, 1860 Courthouse, Church, smokehouse and Mill, and Schoolhouse.