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There is nothing better than going out for a nice stroll on a sunny afternoon after having a filling breakfast at a local cafe, filling up on caffeine-laden drinks, and seeing the sun peek through from the clouds. We know that vacation is a time to let loose, but going for a nice and relaxing walk is also a fantastic way to spend your time. Check out the famous Bradenton Riverwalk during your upcoming excursion.

Why Visit the Bradenton Riverwalk?

We love coming here at any time of the day to explore the coastal area, see fishermen trying to get a few salmon and trout off of the piers, and watching surfers in the fresh breaks catching the bright blue waves. Whether you’re from Florida, or you are visiting, you will see tons of tourists and locals walking along this picturesque strip of walkway. This easily accessible path is close to all there is to do and see in the surrounding area, including shops, restaurants, cafes, and beaches.

What is the Riverwalk?

If you’re not sure what the Riverwalk in Bradenton is, or if you would enjoy it, chances are it is a big YES! The Riverwalk is fun for people of all ages and interest levels, since you can walk along this picturesque pathway before and after doing other activities in the area.

The Riverwalk is right in the heart of downtown Bradenton, so we love going there in the late morning after having breakfast and coffee in the town. Grab a latte, cold brew, or some unbeatable fresh ice cream at nearby American Honey Creamery & Coffee Co. and stroll along the Riverwalk.

Other places to stop as you walk along the beautiful Riverwalk path is Back Alley Treasures to pick up some souvenirs for your friends back home, Beach Bums to purchase a few swimsuits to use during your stay, or the Bradenton Farmer’s Market to pick up fresh produce to bring back to your apartment or house.

Plan Your Visit

The Riverwalk in Bradenton helps connect grocery stores, specialty stores, white sand beaches, parks, public spaces, and restaurants, so you can see Bradenton in no time at all. Stay with us to walk out of your back door and head right out to the Riverwalk every single morning.