Anna Maria Island is a haven for vacationers with its crystal water, clear blue skies and white sandy beaches. Its laid back vibe provides a perfect opportunity for relaxation and fun if you are looking for a nice romantic getaway. Besides, if you want to spend time with your special someone, Anna Maria Island is a great place for a date night too! 

There are plenty of activities and attractions that you can do with your partner on this island situated off the coast of Florida. From romantic sunsets to exquisite dining, here are some of the best Anna Maria Island date night activities you can plan for the perfect evening.

Visit the beach

We know how important it can be to spend some quality time with your partner on a vacation. One of the best things you can do in Anna Maria is spend the night visiting some private beaches. A romantic stroll along the white shores, watching the sunset, and taking a dip in the ocean can be great activities to do with your partner. 

You can also sit on the shore and relax while watching the waves crash. The pristine island beaches can be the best way to start your night. Most beaches here close by 10 pm, so you may have to start quite early.  

Sail on a sunset cruise

Why not schedule a sunset cruise for a unique Anna Maria Island date night? You can add a little adventurous twist to your date night by exploring the island from the sea and enjoying views of the wildlife by spotting dolphins and sea turtles. Imagine sailing off the horizon as the sun slips below the waves – a romantic setting for you and your partner! 

Many cruises also provide a delicious dinner and drinks on your voyage, which can further elevate your time together. You can quickly book a sunset cruise from one of the many local charters on the island.

Plan a romantic dinner

Anna Maria Island has some of the best waterfront restaurants. Its menus boast of local delicacies with plenty of seafood. The most popular eateries are quaint eateries and beachside bistros known for their quality food, music and local ambiance. 

However, if you want a more luxurious dining experience, you can also make a reservation at one of the island’s many fine-dining waterfront restaurants. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by stunning views of the water. The food here is also excellent as many restaurants serve fresh catches from the sea daily. 

Picnic at Leffis Key

Leffis Key at Bradenton Beach is a nature preserve popular among tourists. It is a small but impressive preserve that features a variety of wildlife and stunning scenery. Since it is a park right across the street from Coquina Beach, it is highly accessible to anyone living on Anna Maria Island. You can easily set up a picnic here and look at the many small fish and crabs in its shallow lagoon. The park also features sand dunes, marshes and a modest hiking path that you can take to spend quality time with someone. 

The park offers an insight into nature and is known for dolphin sightings and bird watching. The benches along its hiking trail overlook picturesque views of the bay, which can be impressive for your date night. Leffis Key can be the perfect spot for your date night if you like picnics and spending time together.

Explore the city

Anna Maria Island has fun activities and attractions, from art galleries to historic sites. You can spend your date night exploring the city’s unique culture and history. It is also possible to do this on tandem bikes as you paddle through the beautiful streets of the island. Renting bikes and other equipment here through local shops is relatively simple. You can get fair rates by the hour or day at your convenience. 

What can be more romantic than taking in the scenic nooks and crannies of Anna Maria Island with your loved one? Additionally, you can book sightseeing tours, adventure rides, snorkeling, parasailing or fishing, or even hire a private boat to explore the city. 

You can also go bar hopping, eat at local restaurants and eateries, and learn new things about the island you like most. The island offers a wide range of options for every person visiting here and will offer much more to couples on a date night. 

Go dancing 

The nightlife on Anna Maria Island is exuberant but within specific hours. While people enjoy late dinners and merriment, most places close by 10-11 pm. You can take a night out to enjoy the island’s nightlife and take your special someone out dancing. 

Many eateries also feature live music, which can be fun if you grab a quick bite before indulging in dance. Depending on your mood and your taste in music, you need to make it a point to visit the most famous local clubs and bars and show off your moves. 

Schedule a spa day

Treat yourself and your partner to a luxurious spa day on Anna Maria Island. It will help you convey the feeling that you care about them. A spa day may just be what you need for extra rejuvenation. You and your special someone can relax with a massage, facial, and other indulgent treatments. There are plenty of spas and salons on the island that can provide you with what you need. 

You can use this day or night to pamper both of you and unwind after many days of vacation activities. Different spas and wellness resorts over Anna Maria Island will provide holistic treatments, private massage and other couple-only spa packages that can develop your bond. 

Visit museums or art centers 

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can easily choose to visit museums, art centers and other areas that display the island’s culture. The island has an active art scene, with galleries putting up exhibitions and other events. 

If you and your partner are art enthusiasts, you can visit the Island Gallery West for an early date. The gallery includes a large variety of work from the island’s artists, including paintings, photos, drawings, mosaics, ceramics and more. 

Book a tour 

If staying in or doing the things above is not something you or your partner would like, you can also book a tour. Since Anna Maria Island is a famous tourist destination, it offers a variety of tours for its visitors. Depending on your preference, you can opt for recreational or adventure tours. It includes the popular parasailing adventure tour, dolphin tours, private fishing tours, kayaking through Shell Key Preserve and Tampa Bay Area, sunset tours and more. 

You can also book an evening yacht cruise with dining if you want to add a more romantic feel to your tour outing. With this, you can experience the feel of the island in the evening, witness the beautiful sunsets and picturesque sights from the yacht and have a lovely dinner for two. 

Go shopping

People say that shopping with your partner can strengthen your relationship, which makes shopping one of the best activities to do on a date night. If all the other ideas are not that unique for you, you can also go shopping with your partner. Anna Maria Island has excellent stores, farmers’ markets and bazaars that you can explore and splurge at. It can also enable you to buy something for your partner that can be the highlight of your trip. 

Visit the gift shops, Coquina beach market, Bridge street market or the Bradenton Farmer’s Market to buy souvenirs from the island for your loved ones. You can also find quirky stores, Florida-style souvenirs, local produce, health products, handcrafted goods and jewelry fit for your shopping spree. Many markets provide a scenic view of the island and its lifestyle as you stroll through its streets and look for the right place to spend some time shopping with and for your loved one. 

Spend the evening in your Anna Maria Island rental

Private PoolAnna Maria Island has many expensive hotels and resorts that highlight its natural beauty. However, if you want a cozy, more intimate date night, there is no better option than staying in. If you choose the right vacation rental on the island, your date night experience can get instantly elevated due to its ambiance and the privacy it provides. Many rentals offer private pools, a stunning beach view and outdoor areas overlooking the starry skies. 

After a whirlwind vacation, you can spend quality time with your special someone by watching a movie, playing a game, talking and spending time in each other’s company. Anchor Down Vacation Rentals provides high-quality accommodation to tourists visiting the island according to their specific requirements.

Whether you are traveling with your family or seeking a romantic getaway, we can give you just what you need. Our spacious rentals are decorated to increase the room’s comfort. We also have properties that have private balconies, ocean views and easy access to a pool, perfect for spending the evening indoors. 

However, what matters the most is the memories you make with your partner. No matter which activity you choose to do, we at Anchor Down Vacation Rentals can make your stay even more special. We deliver an unforgettable experience to people staying with us and ensure they enjoy their stay to the maximum. 

Reach out to us at Anchor Down Vacation Rentals to learn more about our rental properties in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island.


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