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Not sure how to list your house? Our Longboat Key property management team takes the stress out of the listing process for you, so you can just relax by having a good time away from home, making money, and forgetting about the stresses of being a property owner.

18% Commission

Our 18% commission will also put your mind at ease, since we offer no hidden fees and the key to being able to make money without worrying about the legitimacy of your rental agency. Instead of paying commission to an agent, and then getting slapped with taxes, fees, rules, and relations after the fact, we are your partners in the business.

Anchor Down Vacation Rentals is a top-tier rental company that handles every single facet of your home, including guest relations, accounting, marketing, commission, and guest communication. Our 18% commission isn’t just for nothing — we offer comprehensive services that take the guesswork out of selling and renting your home in Florida.

  • Accounting – Money is always a factor when it comes to renting a house, figuring out how much to lease your property for, and dealing with guests. The good thing is that when you use Anchor Down, we take care of the accounting, county remittances, state taxes, revenues, and expenses, so you can forget about number crunching. Our professionals are on the job to provide documents regarding monthly bills, reservation info, and accounting details.
  • Maintenance – Don’t worry, when you leave your property in our hands, we take care of it with the utmost respect. We don’t just rent out your home to any group of people. We ensure mutual respect between the renters and the property so that your house stays in the best condition for many years to come. Plus, we offer maintenance that is quick, reactive, and responsive. Any issue in the home is immediately resolved to ensure your guests, and you, are happy. All maintenance items are detailed and listed through a work order program, so you never have to keep track of photos, billable time, and details on your own.
  • Rules – Lastly, we also follow the rules, so you don’t have to worry about them! We follow the local and state rules and regulations regarding taxes, local regulations, and monthly revenue reports, as well as community/HOA rules and requirements, if applicable. Every single property that we list is above board and follows the local rules to a T.

As you can see, our property management in Longboat Key services are essential for homeowners who want to make an extra buck on their spare house in the Sunshine State. Using Anchor Down Vacation Rentals is a great way to use a reputable company that follows the rules, maintains your property, organizes housekeeping, and markets your property for consistent income.