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About Us

Why should you choose us vs. other East Bradenton property management services? What really sets us apart from the rest of the crowd that oversells houses, lists properties at a too-high price, and doesn’t consult with their clients? You will be happy to know that we offer personalized services that aim to give YOU the best value possible. You mean a lot to us, and we hope to show you that.

Anchor Down Vacation Rentals was created to change how property management companies operate in the Sunshine State and throughout the world. The team here believes in building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with guests and homeowners alike. Anchor Down believes in being proactive, hands-on, and honest with practices and communication.

By using our beliefs and morals as the guide of how we should operate, we keep a high bar in terms of guests’ confidence, return deals, and year-after-year happiness for our clients who want to come back and spend their vacation in East Bradenton.

After spending multiple years working for other companies and for other people here in the Anna Maria Island and Bradenton area, the family-owned business decided to branch out independently and create a family-run East Bradenton property management business.

Property Management in East Bradenton

Why should you choose us vs. other property management businesses in the Sunshine State and the coastal area of Florida? Although there is strict competition, we firmly believe that our characteristics set us apart from the other offerings in terms of local expertise, professionalism, price, and efficiency.

  • Guest Relations – We pride ourselves on keeping consistent guest relationships with our clients year after year. That is why so many people come back every single year to enjoy our relaxing holiday homes. We formulate personal relationships that are long-lasting, real, and strong, unlike fake client-worker relations that can sometimes go nowhere.
  • Accounting – We are a fully licensed real estate and leasing company by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, providing comprehensive and foolproof accounting methods, solutions, and tools for your upcoming vacation rentals. We offer county remittances, owner statements, monthly revenue lists, and expenses.
  • Marketing – Listing your house and getting the right number of clicks and traffic is key to renting your house, making money on your property, and avoiding taking a huge loss in the first year of renting your vacation property. We market your home through the Anchor Down internal website, multiple housing channels, and various search engines.
  • Housekeeping – Keeping your house in tip-top condition is key to being able to list your house time and time again to keep customers coming for more. If your house needs renovation and maintenance, and you do not fix the issues, bookings will decline, and the house will produce less income. We can help streamline any necessary fixes, renovations, and repairs so that your house remains modern, clean, and functional.

As you can see, there are many reasons to list your home with us. Put your faith in us at Anchor Down Vacation Rentals to have a stress-free time renting your property for some extra cash.