Vacation rentals are a significant investment. Whether it’s a single rental or multiple, you probably already know that managing rentals can be a daunting task as a property owner. Besides collecting the rent checks, there is more to being a landlord. But as you juggle a myriad of responsibilities every day, it becomes tricky to devote enough time to ensuring everything in your property is in order.

For example, there will be times in summer when the AC will stop functioning properly, and you are miles away. Also, you may not be able to handle emergency calls when you have other businesses to run, and that’s where a property manager comes in to help. If you are a property owner at Anna Maria Island, Anchor Down Vacation Rentals is here to take the burden off your shoulders. Below is why you should consider hiring us.

Setting the Right Rental Rates

As a landlord, you may not know how much to charge in terms of rent. You might find yourself setting the rates too high, scaring potential customers away, or undercharging and failing to cover expenditures. However, you don’t have to go through this when hiring a competent property management company like us is an option.

A great property management company takes time to run deep market research to ensure you avoid fraud cases and vacant properties. Some things they consider before setting the charges include an area’s average rental rate and economic factors. Depending on the season, they will help you determine when to increase the rent on your vacation rental, guaranteeing you outstanding returns.

Strategic Marketing and Advertising

Knowing how to list your commercial property and which websites to use is not always easy. However, a property manager knows the best avenues to explore that will lure clients, such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Even better, they list your rental on their sites providing visitors with direct reservations allowing them to save money as they will avoid third parties.

Take Anchor Down, for instance. With firsthand knowledge and experience, we can take magnificent pictures of your property while drafting persuasive advertising materials that will entice potential renters.

Proper Maintenance of Property

One of the most important reasons to engage a property management company is their coordinating maintenance and repair efficiency. The good news is that majority of these companies have trusted service providers or maintenance crews; therefore, you don’t have to worry about making endless calls.

Whether there is a crack in the wall or the slightest leakage, the property maintenance company will ensure it’s fixed on time. From roofers and landscapers to plumbers and electricians, they always have someone to call when any issues arise. The best part is that they get work done at fair rates, saving you money while making more from the tenants. But there is more to what they do to please your tenants. They always ensure that the properties are immaculate and ooze the homely aura guests need to give you excellent positive reviews.

Great Customer Service

Exceptional consumer service is essential for any business to succeed. However, relationships tend to break down when customer service skills are inadequate. With time, this will lead to vacant rentals. But that doesn’t have to happen. Property management companies have the experience, knowledge, and resources to meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

With the customers satisfied, not only will they come back, but they will also refer other people to stay at your vacation rentals. And from the fantastic reviews these delighted guests leave, you can be sure that more guests will be reserving your vacation rentals. With higher demand, you can confidently charge higher rates per night, hence more profit.

Saves You Time

Taking care of a property is not an easy task. Besides consuming time, it also requires a lot of effort. But with the role of many landlords, this always isn’t manageable. From spending time with their families to having 9-to-5 jobs, it becomes challenging to create extra time to oversee tenants. In some cases, you may own properties in different states that all need your attention! And that’s why hiring a full-time property management company is essential.

You don’t have to worry about answering phone calls at 2 a.m. from complaining guests as you can be sure they have things under control. With their expertise, they can effortlessly make sure everything is running smoothly.

Contact Us

If you are a property owner on Anna Maria Island and you feel that managing your rentals is overwhelming, look no further. At Anchor Down Vacation Rentals, we help relieve your work and give you the peace of mind you deserve. With less to do, you can smile as you check your account balances. Being locals of this glorious place, we know what guests are looking for, and we strive to deliver. Contact us today to have a better and more profitable experience with your holiday rentals.

People get together with those close to them every year to celebrate Thanksgiving. Are you preparing for this holiday and want to make things different and special this year? You can create new traditions for celebrating this fantastic season away from home by heading to Florida and reserving your stay with our magnificent Anchor Down Vacation Rentals. Boasting the best kitchens for Thanksgiving, you can be sure to create new memories and make this haven your holiday destination. Whether you are a small family, a large group of buddies, or traveling with your canine friend, there is something for everyone to feel at home. Consider staying at our holiday rentals for that unique Thanksgiving in Florida you have always desired.

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Enjoy Thanksgiving in Style

Finding accommodation with luxurious amenities is one of the best ways to have a perfect Thanksgiving. The good news is that when staying at our vacation rentals, you can have an extraordinary experience that will make this holiday the best you have ever had. As you drive through the palm trees into any of our premises that you select, one of the things that will put you into the holiday spirit is the tranquil atmosphere. And that’s just the beginning.

Sometimes, you may feel like going out isn’t an option; when that happens, you don’t have to worry about getting bored. Many of our holiday houses boast spacious outdoors, providing you with the opportunity to have endless fun. With inviting private swimming pools begging to cool you in a portfolio of our vacation abodes, you can enjoy connecting with your friends or family that you’re traveling with as you play in the water. Alternatively, you can relax on the loungers and enjoy a tan as you admire the breathtaking scenery. Even better, the pools are heated at an extra fee during the colder days to ensure no one misses out.

Food is one of the things that makes Thanksgiving complete. At many Anchor Down Vacation Rentals, you will find outdoor barbecue grills perfect for that outdoor cooking you have been looking forward to trying. You can converse with your companions as you cook and breathe fresh air. When the meal is ready, you can relish it from the generously spacious decks or balconies in many of our charming homes.

The interior of our stunning holiday homes takes you to a new world of comfort and style. As the deluxe sofas await to give you the rest you need, the large flat screen is ready to take you to the world of imagination. Thanks to the availability of fast internet, you can stream your favorite show or catch up with the headlines whenever you desire. On the other hand, the expansive windows let in plenty of light while also enabling you to admire the mind-blowing views from the comfort of your chair. With these rooms having ample space, you can play games, take turns creating and telling stories or try out karaoke; after all, Thanksgiving is all about having a good time with those dear to you.

After spending the whole day engaging in different activities, all you want to do is have a refreshing shower. Our rentals have immaculate bathrooms you can use and freshen up. To add convenience to your stay, many of these bathrooms have clean, soft linens and other essential toiletries that you can utilize. If having a quick shower is something you don’t fancy on holidays, you can soak into the soothing bathtubs found in many of these bathrooms. There is more. When staying in our inviting holiday abodes, carrying dirty clothes back is not an option. You will find laundry areas fitted with a washer and dryer, ensuring you leave this area clean!

Besides dining and wining, rest is another thing that most look forward to when planning a Thanksgiving getaway. When it’s time to sleep after a long day of limitless fun, the bedrooms in our rentals have everything to ensure you get a good night of sleep. From the high-quality mattresses to the soft pillows and bedding, you will be able to wake up rejuvenated and ready to face a new day. Many of these rooms also have large-screen TVs. You can watch a film as you slowly drift into a deep sleep. The expansive windows, on the other hand, can’t go unnoticed. Including letting in enough light and fresh air, some let you enjoy the dramatic views from the comfort of your bed.

We can’t talk about our exquisite Anchor Down Vacation Rentals without mentioning the welcoming kitchens they have, especially during Thanksgiving. Fully equipped with first-rate appliances, cookware, five-star dishes, a coffee maker, and everything else a chef needs to prepare a delectable meal, you can be sure to have an extraordinary holiday. With the generous space, your traveling partners can help wash the fruits as you put your holiday recipe into use. Most of the windows in these kitchens are broad to let you view the vista as you prepare that special dinner. When the food is ready, the dining rooms await to give you a five-star experience as you dine together, passing gratitude to each other.

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Book a Comfortable Place to Stay

If creating new Thanksgiving traditions is in your plans, we’ve got you covered. Our Anchor Down Vacation Rentals are the perfect place to stay for a Thanksgiving holiday. Call us today, and we will help turn your imagination into reality.

Are you planning a family or a romantic getaway to Bradenton, Florida? Well, reserving the Bayou Bungalow is a must-have on your bucket list. It’s a 1930s stunning three-bedroom old Florida property that ensures you get the desired vacation you have always wanted. From the walls embellished with fascinating art to the spacious living room and the welcoming kitchen, you’ll for sure feel at home. Whether you are looking forward to de-stressing by the pool as you relish your favorite drink or want to bond with your loved ones over a savory homemade meal, this charming Bradenton vacation rental will ensure you leave this piece of heaven delighted.

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Awe-Inspiring Interior

As you step into our gorgeous property, you will have one of the two appealing living rooms from the front door welcoming you. Besides offering an extra seating area, it can be closed off and turned into a bedroom by bringing down the Murphy bed. With the generous space and plushy sofas giving it a classy touch and a large flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, you can escape into a world of imagination and pass the time with your loved ones. If you prefer working remotely, there is a desk available. You can turn this space into an office, work on unfinished projects and catch up with your colleagues when needed.

Is there a recipe you’ve longed to try out but couldn’t because of your busy schedule? Now is the time. The fully furnished kitchen has everything you need to bring out the chef in you. The white-wooden cupboards complementing the beige countertops ooze nothing but the peace you need as you prepare your delicacies. With the elegant utensils available, your loved ones can have a five-star experience as they relish the delectable hearty meal. Did you cook excess food? Worry not! You can store it in the fridge and warm it in the microwave whenever you need it. Additionally, the kitchen is spacious enough to allow your companion to help with the cleaning or keep you company.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the chic ample dining room that can effortlessly accommodate eight people. But what happens when you finish dining? Well, you can have family time in the second living room. In addition to overlooking the deck with a swimming pool, it is lush and generously spacious, with comfy sofas facing the TV. If watching movies is not what you enjoy, you can solve puzzles or try other exciting games to have a great time.

Having a good rest is what most, if not all, travelers look forward to while on vacation. Luckily, this glorious Bayou Bungalow has three bedrooms to provide you with the desired rest. After a day full of events, you can have a warm shower from the sparkling bathrooms to calm your nerves. If you have enough time for self-care, you can soak in the soothing bathtub found in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is also well equipped with a TV and a king-size bed boasting luxurious bedding that ensures you have a peaceful sleep. Are you a big family with youngsters? There are two more lavish bedrooms fitted with cozy beds and squeaky-clean bathrooms, guaranteeing everyone a comfortable stay.

At Bayou Bungalow, your comfort is our top priority. After a day of exploring, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your dirty clothes. There is a laundry room fully fitted with a washer and a dryer that you can utilize and leave this haven clean and delighted.

Captivating Exterior Amenities

Safety is always the first concern when on a getaway. But you don’t have to worry during your stay here. On the front of our lovely property, we have a camera that monitors all the happenings around the premises. That’s not all. This majestic holiday bungalow has a swimming pool begging that you can take advantage of on a sunny day when going to the beach isn’t an option. You can also absorb the fresh air freely given by Mother Nature as you lay in one of the loungers in the pool area. If you do not enjoy swimming, you can sit in the large covered area and soak in the serene ambiance as you read a book or self-reflect. Is visiting during the colder months in your plans? You don’t have to worry about missing out as the swimming pool is heated at an additional cost.

Food and games are some of the things that connect people. Fortunately, the inviting yard is spacious and enclosed by nature, providing you with the perfect aura you need to have an excellent time. You can develop creative outdoor games such as the giant Jenga game that will keep everyone engaged. There is more. With a BBQ grill that you can use, preparing a mouthwatering outdoor meal is another ideal way to have a wonderful time.

Where to Stay

If exploring the adorable Bradenton, Florida, is on your itinerary, look no further for affordable and comfortable accommodation. Contact us today to book your stay at the spectacular Bayou Bungalow for your dream holiday.

America is a land of rituals, and it is these rituals that keep us together. Think of it this way, when was the last time you took time to interact with your neighbors and bond with your immediate family? Halloween is part of the rituals that bind American society and its significance can never be ignored. While Halloween can be observed from anywhere, the East Coast experience hits differently.

Planning a Halloween in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida experience? Here are kid-friendly Halloween activities to consider when you get there.

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Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is among the Halloween classics that have stood the test of time. While this activity can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, now is not the time to be basic. Taking kids to enjoy these activities out there in a field event is a great way to make memories. The best thing about outdoor pumpkin carving is that kids get to learn from a different teacher.

Besides the interaction that comes with this kind of activity, it is also a good way to boost the coordination abilities of your kid. The carving in the outdoor setup is designed to be a competition between kids that helps them develop much-needed competitive skills. Take the competitiveness a notch higher by extending the contest to your condos. Buy an extra pumpkin and let the party continue late into the night.

Pumpkin Sweep

If you thought you are done with the pumpkin thing? Not yet. If anything, it’s only getting started. The pumpkin forms a big part of a kid-friendly Halloween celebration. However, there is no carving involved this time around. As the name suggests, it all entails sweeping pumpkins across a line using brooms.

Pumpkin sweep is among the key activities that parents can engage in to bond with their kids. Whoever sweeps their pumpkin beyond the line first wins. It is also a great way of encouraging the spirit of competition and teamwork among kids.

Haunted Hayrides

Hayrides are an East Coast tradition to celebrate after a bumper harvest. In recent times, this practice has been packaged differently to depict some sort of sport. Today, it is among the leading tourist attractions, especially during fall. In the Halloween setting, it is known as haunted hayrides, which is almost the same as the traditional celebration except for a few twists.

Depending on the ages of the children involved, different actors can be added to the hay to bring out the ‘haunted’ aspect. The actors depict ghosts among other spooky creatures. These creatures have a scary degree that is fair enough for kids to face. Accompany kids through the ride and assure them all is all right. In cases where kids cannot put up with the characters, you can as well eliminate them and have the kids enjoy their ride. After all, it is meant to be family fun.

Halloween Cake Walk

The Bradenton region of Florida has never run short of kid-friendly Halloween activities. The Halloween Cake Walk is a crucial part of the activities that cannot miss on the list. The goal here is to have activities that bring everyone on board regardless of their age. The cakewalk is past this threshold by far. Have you played musical chairs at some point in your life? Well, that is substituted by cakewalk to fit the situation at hand. However, the concept is similar.

Participants, who in this case are a mixture of kids and adults walk around a circle with numbers. On each step, there is a number on the ground and the movement is guided by background music. Each member is expected to stand still on one number once the music stops. Whoever steps on the number that matches the one drawn by the host wins that round. It is simple, yet fun-filled.

Halloween Face Painting

Tough as you may be as a parent, there is no way you’re coming anywhere near a kid and their face art. If anything, it is not an everyday thing. It is only a single-day exercise that needs to be utilized to the maximum. Give your kids a chance to get their paintings done. The products used are certified and safe for the skin.

Halloween is ideally the only time when kids have the freedom to engage and display their animalistic side. Whether it is a cat, a dinosaur, a dog, or a cow, let them be. It is these small things that make the day count. Help them wash off the paint before retiring to bed.

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Reach Out to Us

Halloween should no longer be just the traditional celebration it has been for the longest time. Count on us to show you the other side of Halloween you’ve been missing over the years. Accommodation plays a crucial part in the whole experience. Contact us today for all your accommodation needs in Bradenton and Sarasota. It is what we do best.

Anna Maria Island is on the west coast of Florida. Neighbored by the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, there are three separate towns along the seven-mile-long island. These are Bradenton Beach on the south end, Anna Maria on the north side, and Holmes Beach settled in between.

You won’t find high-rise condos and luxury hotel chains here. There’s less commercialization and more chill. When you visit, prepare to drive slowly. Speed limits across the island top out at 35 miles per hour. All three towns are extremely walkable, and the beach is never far away.

Each beach town also has its own restaurants, shops, live music, and entertainment. These attractions can be found on Main Street in Holmes Beach, Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, and Pine Avenue in Anna Maria.

We can provide dozens of reasons to visit Anna Maria Island, but for the purposes of this blog, we are narrowing those reasons to three.

Come in the summer, when the beaches are full of sunbathers and swimmers or in the winter, when the water stays warm and the sunsets are majestic. Just make sure you visit.

Here are the top three reasons you should.

Arrive in any way you desire, Car, Train, Bus, Plane, and Even Ship! Sarasota is the place to be! Home to the Siesta Key Beach the country’s number #1 ranked beach 2 times and some of the most authentic way of living imagined. Kicking off a Sarasota Vacation can start out Island Style Paddle Boarding on a guided tour through some of Florida’s beautiful mangrove tunnels of South Lido or you and the family can sail and dine aboard Marina Jack II Cruises. The lavish 96-foot yacht brings dining, spas, full bar and access to a perfect way of seeing marine wildlife. Beautiful nights call for outstanding views Siesta Key WaterSports offers a dolphin watch and sunset tour bringing on a 2-hour meditation the whole family will love with complimentary drinks of any kind, even the privilege of bringing your own cooler!

When the sun goes down the city comes alive, The family can all have fun at Livingston’s Amusements! From Billiards to late-night dining, a full-sized Go-Kart track and an arcade filled with games for the family suited the perfect night after running the town. Sarasota’s nightlife is filled with a variety of entertainment McCurdy’s Comedy Club has showcased Chris Rock, Larry The Cable Guy even hypnotists! But the fun doesn’t stop there, you and the family can eat dinner at a tropical-themed tiki bar and grill, with a view that will leave you breathless even your pup is allowed with you guys on your nightly adventures here!

If you are thinking about vacationing in the area let Anchor Down Vacation Rentals help find you the perfect Sarasota Vacation Rental.

Covid-19 & Your Florida Vacation

We understand that corona has caused many concerns when booking your next Family Vacation. It seems like things are ever-changing and everyone is doing the best they can to stay safe during these times! We are making sure to do our part here! We understand that a single-family home rental offers something a hotel can never offer during these times. A private place to call your home to properly social distance while still enjoying everything Florida has to offer! But how have we bettered our homes and made sure they are safely sanitized to keep your next vacation stress free?

Here are some answers for FAQ regarding vacation rentals and the COVID-19 Pandemic; for your peace of mind and security of a virus-free home! As we all know COVID-19 has affected everyone whether personal health or financial stability most have been impacted in some way.

Cleanliness is always a top priority for hosts and tenants. But it’s even more critical as we all strive to decrease the spread of infection. According to the CDC, it’s possible for someone to contract COVID-19 by touching a contaminated surface such as doorknobs or light switches.

We often are asked things like…

How often are homes sanitized & what are cleaning procedures?

The virus may live on some surfaces for several hours or even days. That’s why it is most important to clean and sanitize all frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, kitchen handles/faucets as well as items like remote controllers for electronics, between every reservation. Every home that we manage has been thoroughly cleaned and examined from top to bottom. Germ-free from ceiling to the floor giving you a worry-free booking and a safe stay knowing you are experiencing a virus-free. We take pride in every inch of our homes and make sure they are properly sanitized and germ-free for each guest!


Are restaurants, and bars still open?

The answer to your question is YES! Most restaurants & bars are open. It is mandatory to wear masks inside public businesses in Holmes Beach. They are not allowed to serve alcohol at the time being UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE which was taken into effect as of June 26th. Opacity is 50% for most but it does seem to be letting more customers in as the days go by.

Are Beaches Open?

Beaches are open to the public as before they just kindly ask that you maintain social distancing guidelines regulated by the CDC. But as before the beautiful waters are open and ready to enjoy!

Promising a safe & clean vacation!

COVID-19 is quite an intangible pandemic that has caused a concern in health and sanitization. As of Mid April, they put a stop to all vacationers and practically shut down any personal/physical contact unless it is an essential task. Not sure if people understand the impact that has on the community. Moving forward to the end of June the whole game has changed! Almost everything is back to normal as far as everything being opened. We do understand that but we are just striving to stay on top of cleaning procedures more than ever and very importantly ensuring an unforgettable experience! Booking is available through the site! As easy as before with the same policy.

When you picture the beach of your dreams Siesta Key Beach is what you have been dreaming of.

With sand that consists of 99% quartz, it keeps your feet cool from the summer sun! Looking out on the glimmering blue waters of the Gulf Coast Bay is irreplaceable. Siesta Key has been rated the number 1 beach 2 different times in America due to the drifting currents from the islands giving us some of the nicest of any of the countries beaches.

Start out your morning by eating at one of many local restaurants providing the freshest experience all around! Take a stroll through a village of coffee shops and shopping stores filled with souvenirs and service to remember to get your day started.

Depending on what time of the season you plan on coming you are given the opportunity to see events from Annual Speed Boat Races all the way to a variety of festivals that occur quite frequent. Parents trying to run the kids energy out or an athletic enthusiast there’s something for everyone with a giant park just moments from the beach. No matter where you go on this island water will always be in arms reach so the beach feel is forever existing. With being on the Gulf marine life is always close by, you can outlook the ocean on many of our fishing and public docks giving you a chance to see dolphins, sting-rays and much more of the islands water life!

When the sun goes down on the island the rich souls of the locals don’t sleep many on-water restaurants and live music light up the town. Get a feel for the real island life with many tiki bars and authentic island service where you could only find in a location like this.

If you are thinking about vacationing in the area let Anchor Down Vacation Rentals help find you the perfect Vacation Rental.

A vacation in Bradenton is a vacation to remember with more entertainment and fun then you could fit in one visit!

From our world-famous beaches and fishing, river activities and social life, Bradenton is ranked as one of the happiest cities in Florida. You can start out the morning by eating at many of our town famous mom and pop restaurants giving you all that you could imagine for in your breakfast experience. Afternoons can be enjoyed outside at the beautiful beaches or you can even go hiking through many of our local nature preserves. Running alongside the manatee river is Riverwalk park, splash zone as well as a playground perfect for Florida’s summer heat. Outlying the riverwalk are many public docks accessible to all where you get the opportunity to view some of our popular marine life in its natural habitat Stingrays, Manatees even Dolphins come by to give you a smile every once in a while! For the fisherman who can’t put down the rod, have no worry with limitless access to our rivers, estuaries, as well as the Lake Manatee with its multiple access, points the family can put in the boat any side, any time!

Light up the night! Enjoy the night with our locals at MotorWorks Brewing Co. With activities such as cornhole, giant Jenga, Live entertainment and a chance to enjoy locally brewed handcrafted beer. The family will have a night they never want to end! Endless entertainment, food, drinks, and more activities then you can do leaving you eager to come back for another visit!

If you are thinking about vacationing in the area let Anchor Down Vacation Rentals help find you the perfect Bradenton Vacation Rental.